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Antonio Lazzaro
Age: 25
Born In: Boston MA
Height: 6'1
Bio: born and raised outside the city of Boston and son of local legend Antonio Lazzaro Sr. Tony is an all around nice guy and very laid back, having come from a broken family and witness much in his life early on, it has made him into almost a character that is best described as, "Only found in movies"
He always is there to help those in danger and ever the straight edge. Never drinking or doing drugs, he even refuses to take an asprin or cold medicine.
Aside from the height and the love of videogames, Tony is a dedicated martial artists, strong but sluggish, but a human brick wall is the best way to describe him physcially, it takes a lot to bring this italian brick wall down. Despite his tough guy status, Tony is very kind and very loving to those he is close to and will never hesitate to help them or put himself in harms way.
He's not out to save the world, he's just a nice guy doing the right thing in life. An example left to him by his grandfather
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