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At some point in our lives we all have a mid life crises. Mine just happedened to coinside with a divorce, company buyout and job change, the soul of my existance - my son going to collge AND me turning 40. All at the same time.

I am not sure if it is like this every where, but in the south, women do not really develop friendships in their youth. They are busy estabilishing families and careers. When all those things change you look around and try to determine what is left after a nuclear attack. Well, that is when I found the most wonderful people in my life....

I think that is when i really found out how great my mom is. I alway loved her and thought she was wonderful, but now I know how great she is as a woman.

This is also, when I found these true friends. I hesitate to write down there names becuase that would indicate there is some kind of order to this friendship - NOT TRUE I consider them all - equally - to be a true friend and they all have literally saved my life. To the Yahtzee Queens: Teresa, Nancy; Kelly, Jan and Cathy thank you for breaking bread with me. Oh, and thanks for reciepes contained therein.

To my son, I love you and hope this food will someday grace the table at your home.
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Three Cups of Tea
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John Krakher
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Levon Helms & The Band

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