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Born April 2, 1946 in Philadelphia, PA to a Doctor and woman extraordinaire, Park Willis Gloyd, Jr had a classic American upbringing. The high school football team captain and Boy's Club President was eagerly accepted into Princeton University. After his time in college, he courageously served in the Peace Corps on assignment in Guyana, South America. Gloyd's humanitarian efforts did not go unnoticed by numerous medical schools across the nation. He chose to attend the prestigious medical school at Temple University where he won the heart of his stunning bride of 37 years. After receiving their M.D.'s, the newly-weds signed up to provide their services to the Navajo Nation. They started their new life together in Chinle, AZ. They had three strong, handsome, charming, intelligent boys. While practicing pediatric medicine, Gloyd embarked on a flying career that would provide adventure, delight and transit to himself, his family and his friends. For 10 years, he braved the skies and accumulated countless notable chronicles that are compiled in this thrilling manuscript.
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