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In 2005, I was in for quite a surprise. I took a babysitting job with a family named the Moores—I did not know what would be in store. They had a baby his name was Dylan Lee, and boy was he full of glee. I watched him grow and saw his first throw. Dylan is so very smart and has already won my heart. He is very sweet and is definitely in the elite. Four years later, the Moores welcomed their twins, which gave us all big grins. Dylan is now the big brother of Beckett Cruz and Charley Bay, what ‘Moore’ can we say. Dylan is now five, Beckett and Charley now one, and it has been so much fun. Although it is hard to believe, I have to take a short leave. I have to go back to school—I know, so not cool. I will be back and that is a fact. Don’t grow too old while I am away; I will see you all in May. Dylan Lee, Charley Bay, and Beckett Cruz do not forget to update me with any news. I cannot say it enough, I LOVE YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!
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