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Brownsville TX
About Me
Name: Jacob Diaz

Age: 12

Birth: 12/7/1998

Favorite Book: Dragon Ball , Dragon Ball Z , Dragon Ball GT , Naruto ,

SpongeBob , Goosebumbs

S.R.T: Taken

Favorite Cartoon: Goten

Steps-B.S: 3 Step-Brothers , 2 Step-Sisters

B.S: 1 Brother

Screen Name: DragonAttack9000

Weeworld account: DragonAttack9000

Bookemon account: BrotherHood9000

Playstation 3 account: SuperJacob98

Myspace:(Fixing Account)

Facebook: (Fixing Account)

Twitter:(Fixing Account)

Youtube:(Fixing Account)

PSP account:DragonAttack9000

PSP-Go Account:(Fixing Account)


M.F: Male

Race: Mexican

From: New Mexico

Speaking: English/Spanish

Moves: Backflip , Run in The Wall Then Flip

Favorite PC Games: Dragon Ball , Grand Thef Auto San andrieas

Mood: Amazing

Future: Finish College and Become a Anime Writer , Comic Book)

Favorite Singer: Micheal Jackson , Eminem , Chris Brown , Lil wayne ,

Linkin Park , Usher).

Style: (Gangster)

Candy: Bubble Gum , Lolipop , Mexican Candy

Food: Pizza , Burger , Tacos

Anime: Dragon Ball , Dragon Ball Z , Dragon Ball GT , Naruto ,

Naruto Shippuden , Yu-Gi-Oh GX , Yu-Gi-oh , Yu-Gi-oh 5Ds , Pokemon ,

Pokemon Black and White)

Hello This is Jacob , You May know Me in Bookemon or Weeworld , Woozworld

So all My Friends in Bookemon , went To Diffrent Sites , So i join Here! To Make

Books , Horror , i Used To Make Books When i Was Little

Like 7 Years Old , About a Zombie...

i hope My Books Air On (TV) There's Once My book air On TV , Since

i Was 9 years old For Making Talented Story!

All The People in here Trying To Get The Books air On TV , Well

Dreams Come True! i May Be a Mexican But i Got Skills.

So Peace Out People , and One More Thing...

i Could Help ideas For Your Book , i got Tons , and i'm Gonna Make a Series

Now i wanna Say good Luck To All My Friends and Family...

█║▌│ █│║▌ ║││█║▌ │║║█║

Profile Page
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
Dragon Ball
Favorite Writer
Akira Toriyama
Favorite Book Genre
Non Fiction
Favorite Music Genre
Metal , Rock ,
Favorite Movie
Scream 4
Favorite Artist
Akira Toriyama
Personal Quote
i Could Do it!!

Visit Personal Bookstore: Personal Bookstore



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