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Hi, this is Aylana. I love animals, summer, and Glendale, Arizona my hometown. I love this hot city but I miss it back in Prescott. I loved the fresh white snow every winter and the cool breezes in the summer. My number one hero is my uncle, but then again, my friend Kaley. They always stuck up for me in uneasy situations, so did the rest of my family. I thank them all for that. I have a little sister who is four years old, her name is Julianne. She was born in 2005, which is when I was ten. I loved her when she was little, but now she is a big pain in my butt. Oh well, that’s how little siblings are right. Anyway I love hanging out with my best friends after school, I think its really fun. Sometimes we would ask to go shopping at the mall, and we would go to the girliest stores and buy things that we really don’t need, like make-up, purses, clothes, anything we like. I am NOT a big fan of school. I hate doing work, plain and simple cut and dry. Besides school, I have a couple of hobbies that I like to do; Tennis, dancing and volleyball. They’re really fun to my friends and I. I have to admit, I love to eat a lot of ice cream, its my favorite early desert. My mom says that I eat too much sugar, and says that I should be eating healthy snacks instead. I’m starting to think that she’s right, because I want a healthy lifestyle. I want to be strong and full of energy, not a lazy lady doing nothin’ all day. You know, I really want to be a famous actress, that has fun performing in shows and stuff. I think it would be fun. I love you all, see ya l8ter.=)=)=)
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Stephenie Meyer
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Carrie Underwood
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Carrie underwood
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