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Born on a Navy base to a jet mechanic mother & Air force father, Cain was taken into AB3632 custody at the age of 8.Inside the California Penal system, Cain forged his demeanor. The fight against institutionalization, the resistance to forced medication, & emotional disconnect from society cut the edges of his mind & disposition. With confrontational and fighting eyes, Cain was easy to find suspect even in times of innocence. His vision of life was from the windows of public and private facilities throughout California. Always finding the time to wander AWOL as often as possible. During his times alone Cain was able to find within himself the means by which he would forever be an individual walking his own path leaving nothing for anyone to take from his character. Standing upon his own volition and determined to remain in honor at all costs became his cornerstone mindset. Deciding to never take part in public controversy and keeping his words square, level and plumb with his actions.
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48 Laws Of Power
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Edgar Allen Poe
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Sade, Marvin Gaye, Rage Against The Machine
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Law Abiding Citizen
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H.R. Giger
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We Reap What We Sow

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