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These recipes and tips are from years of experimenting and fearless trial and error in the kitchen. I've included the recipes that have been most requested by friends and family and those I go back to again and again for my own table. Many of the tips and hints are simple, handy tricks I've either learned through my own mishaps or are the wisdom of the ages passed to me from one source or another. I called this "A Moveable Feast" because, simply, a feast is anywhere you come together with good company and good food.
I believe everyone can be a good cook if you aren't afraid to try and fail. Becoming a great cook takes the tools and know-how of good cooks and the deep passion for flavor and love for giving of yourself to others. This cookbook will get you started on the tools and the information. The passion will come from you, though inspiration for it comes from everywhere.
Whether using these recipes, those from other books, or something you invent on your own, what makes the difference is using the freshest, best ingredients possible and treating each meal like it's more than just something to eat. It's time with family and friends; it's entertainment; it's life.
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