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John Robert Gatti was born April 25, 1948 to Lou and Mary Gatti in Jersey City, NJ. He has 1 sister and 3 brothers. John graduated from Toms River High School, home of the Mariners in NJ and then joined the Navy reserve in his Senior year of high school. He served active duty for 2 years on the USS Forrester and USS JFK. John was an E3 Airmen and fueled jet airplanes, while mostly stationed in the Mediterranean. John then served 4 more years in the Navy reserve at Lakehurst Naval Air Station, NJ. John moved to Brooksville, Florida in 1982 with his mother Mary, who still drives herself around town at 91 years old. John enjoys a good steak dinner or spaghetti with meat sauce. One of Johns favorite TV programs is the David Letterman show. John is a song writer and plays the rhythm guitar. If you are looking for John around town, you might find him at one of his favorite hangouts, Dee’s Place or Amnesia. John enjoys listening to music , great conversation and sipping his soda, .
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