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My name is chelsea lauren jones i was from england and now im in australia i have been here for 4 years. i have a twin sister called carah and a older sister called hollie (: I have to pets both dogs siberian huskys and i love them very much one is called kia which is the male and jess is the female they are very friendly. My mums name is lindsey and my dad name is kevin but most people call him kev. Im in to fashion i have always wanted to be a fashion designer and i hope i do. When im 17 i would like to go over to africa and help the poor and five them food and teach them things they have been tought and always teach them english. I will go to charity shops and charity companys to help me donate money for me and other people to help me . I have 2 family over here from my mums said of the family, both of them are my aunties. One is called Jo she has 3 girls bella, never, sophia they are beautiful (: and Sarah who has 2 kids one girl who is alisha she is older and lloyd who is younger.
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