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Cheryl Carson is a believer in keeping personal records. Her own journals span 50 years, ever since she turned 12, and she is currently writing in volume 95. Cheryl has lectured at BYU Education Weeks on such topics as: “My Journal, My Friend,” and “Writing an Extraordinary Life Story by an Ordinary Person,” which also became a book by the same title. Writing comes naturally to Cheryl—providing she is also willing to put forth enough blood, sweat, and tears.

Cheryl has authored four other books on subjects she cares deeply about—often as a result of her own intense personal struggles. “Forgiveness: The Healing Gift We Give Ourselves: The Passage to Inner Peace through Forgiving Others”; “His Law Is Love: Offering Unconditional Love Even to Those Who Don’t Deserve It”; “The Anguish—and Adventure—of Adversity: Finding Joy in the Journey”; and “Enough Is Enough: Making the Decision to Live Debt-Free.”
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