Las Vegas
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Nicole Ricketts was born in Las Vegas, NV in May of 1990. Ever since she was little, Nicole enjoyed writing and dancing and she tried to immerse herself into both worlds as best she could with what her family had. Her family was a middle class and had problems much like other families. Nicole's family moved from state to state throughout her childhood making it hard to keep friends. After graduating high school in California, Nicole packed her bags with a close friend and moved cross country to Massachusetts in need of a change. By this time her first novel was almost finished and ready to be sent to the publishers. After struggling for a few years, she moved back to the west coast to go to college and that is exactly what she is doing.
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
The Traveler's Gift by Andy Andrews
Favorite Writer
Edgar Allen Poe
Favorite Book Genre
too many to chose from
Favorite Band or Artist
Bruno Mars
Favorite Movie
Sweet Home Alabama and Legally Blonde
Favorite Artist
Personal Quote
This Too Shall Pass

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