Baltimore, Maryland
About Me
I am married to my wonderful husband and we have a beautiful little girl. Currently I am a stay at home mom. Sometimes it does get boring to stay at home at the time, but I love being able to spend night and day with Elizabeth. I love watching her grow before my eyes. Everyone is different about how they feel about the stay at home mom situation, but I actually do enjoy it. I don't mind the cleaning and the cooking either...surprisingly. As long as I am busy doing something (and believe me, my daughter sure knows how to keep me busy) I am good to go.

I am a more of a quiet type of person. I love going out and having a good time, but don't do it all of the time. I am more of a family oriented person. I usually find myself drinking with family at home or at parties with friends and family. I do love going to clubs and dancing. Though I don't have a pleseant voice, I love to sing also. I spend a good amount of time on the computer/internet. I love to travel as well, though I don't travel nearly as much as I would like to. I enjoy listening to music or curling up to a good book. I am not a heavy reader, but when I do find a good book, I get buried in it.

I am currently in such a financial rut I can't stand it anymore, but I just live my life day to day and always try to look at life as best I can. As the saying goes, when one door closes, another door opens. I can only blame myself for my financial situation, but hopefully one day soon, I will finally be able to get it all under control and really be able to live life to the fullest.
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
A Child Called It, The Chronicles of Narnia, Turn Homeward Hannalee, and Homecoming
Favorite Writer
No Favorites
Favorite Book Genre
No Favorites...though I do like stories that are based off of real life
Favorite Band or Artist
No Favorites
Favorite Music Genre
No Favorites
Favorite Movie
Just Like Heaven, Perfect Storm, Wizard of Oz, and many many others
Favorite Artist
No Favorites
Personal Quote
When one door closes another door opens...or...everything happens for a reason

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