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I am a heterosexual (straight) male who is a freak that love anal sex with a woman who love receiving it. I am a computer technician who is into photography, art work, promotion, development, and other technical activities. If you are looking for someone to date, have sex with, a cool friend, and a business partner/associate, I am the man. Tag Me! You must be a member of Tagged ((( In order to invite me or join my friendship list. Thank you for lessoning! Enjoy you stay!!!

Hi there ladies! Looking for me! I hope your are! I am looking for any woman who is single, have no children, loves to spend time with her man, and keeps his interest at heart to move in with. All I am really looking for is a young woman in her 20s or 30s to spend some quality time with me and call me on a regular bases. Can you do that? Also, I am looking for a woman who can be a freak in the bed. She also must be fexible to having sex. Anything I ask of her to do relating to sex, she must be into it (For example: Anal sex - Pump the booty). That sort of thing. I love a woman who can get down like that. Most women who show their booty must be down like that. She also must be very religious and 100% heteralsexual. I don't like bi-sexual chick or gay chick. Can you be freaky too? She must not be into men for money, car, or where he live. She also must be willing to have some fun too, and be willing to join my sorority (this means she must not be in a sorority already).
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Leonardo Devenchi
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Knowlege is the key to power!

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