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The author of this book is from Southern California born and raised in the inland empire his home town is Lake Elsinore ever since he was a kid he wrote songs then later in life made them into poems; however Mr. Deon's music career never took off but the love of the open road did take off when he got his CDL becoming a long haul truck driver as he drove, he wrote about his life and others in poem format writing was a passion for him the way he thought about real life is forever real to the people that has read his poems although Mr. Deon doe not write for money or to make it to the big time he writes for others to read and learn from his mistakes in life or to learn some good things for there but some people say that Mr. Deon is a breath of fresh air some party’s say a great up and coming writer that came from no where but Mr. Deon just says to that "God has a plan for us all and I will fallow his plan for God is just and forever good, God bless thee for ever amen."
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last letter's
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poetry crime noval
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Black Label Society, Hank Wilams jr, somebodyson, Disturbed, Ozzy Osbourne,lynyrd skynyrd
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rock blue country
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God bless you

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