About Me

I am Alice Angel.
Here I am known as. CuteTurtle, Or, Flying Cat
(My account won’t let me log in anymore as FlyingCat –sad face-)
I’m a shy girl of the age of 15. I like to write, read, look at the sky, hold my birds and pet my cats. I also enjoy taking my dog for brisk walks. My favorite color is White. I do tend to hate spiders and the ocean. Though sometimes I love the ocean as much as I hate it... I like reading Charlie bone, Harry potter, Warrior cats, 100 cupboards, Robin Hood, and many others! I am also considered and Otaku. I read manga, watch anime, and draw it, yeah...
Once i had the dream to act! it was all i wanted! not for the fame but to play another person. I often wondered about being in another person's shoes and what they thought, now though, i have 'woken up and smelled the coffee' (Is that right?) i now wish only to become an engineer and write a book.
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Favorite Book Genre
Fantasy, fiction,Science Fiction
Favorite Band or Artist
green day
Favorite Music Genre
pop, rock, techno, dubstep, electro funk,and meta
Favorite Movie
Star trek Generations
Favorite Artist
eh who knows right? not me :P
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