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hi ithink you'll going to love this book

he was an tall pokemon same size as an rock no one has ever seen this pokemon he can be any size he wants tall small
and our size well person size he come toi earth to see this world where we are in trainers all over had trouble catching one even ash ketchup and other trainers through nations
till that day ash saw an man with this pokemon the man was so lonely and sad. so that pokemon stay with him and followed him he hated pokeballs so the man promise him if he would be his pokemon he would find other trainers like ash and so the man and
pokemon cybort.x. agreed
to be friends and potect the the man now the owner of an great pokemon that brought him friends and battle trainers lost again trying to gain there points battleing everyone just to gainas many points then try being the best pokemon trainer ever seen before
and the man was lucky and glad that alll the cyborts wanted to come live with the pokemon and pokemon and trainers on earth they had achoice to pick there trainers and still more cyborts to be caught
and trained they were all the same but diferent colors
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edgar allen poe
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love me tender
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shawn adkins

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