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My name is Brenda Denise Polk McWilliams born on my grandmothers birthday, May 28th. I love being able to share that day with her. I nicknamed myself Brenda Daisey when I was attending Pearl River Jr College. People would ask me what the "D" stood for in my name and for some reason I said Daisey. In 1982, June 5th I married Billy I. McWilliams. I'm not getting into what the "I" stands for in Billy's name. Michelle Denise was born March 19, 1985 with a head full of beautiful red hair. James Keith was born September 30, 1985 and almost full grown. That is the past. The present is 28 years of marriage, a son-in-law, and a son that is a junior in college. And a husband who is now an IRONMAN, and someone that always has to have a project.
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