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Dana Pierce is a Floridian raised in Tampa, FL. She is married to a military veteran, four adult children which three serves in the United States Military Branches, and a grandmother of five grandsons. Her educational background Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Management at Hodges University, Ordain Minister by Rev.Robert Williams, with a vast entrepreneurial experience in various business sectors.
Dana Pierce learned from her parents how determination and consistency is the step towards "Making Your Dream a Reality". Outside of her parents Dana was captured by another role model in 1987 Oprah Winfrey. This took place when Dana served as chairperson for Tampa District at the Head Start Conference in Jackson Mississippi where Oprah Winfrey was the guest speaker. Oprah recited in her speech " Phenomenal Woman" by Maya Angelou. At that moment, Oprah became Dana's role model inspired her that "Making Your Dream a Reality" can happen with believing in yourself and finding those role models that will accelerate you to the next level.
Dana acquired many more role models throughout her journey. During Dana's courses through life she became rooted in a foundation in knowing her purpose, helping people and working towards being a better human being. Dana shares the tools and experiences with her audience or reader's on how "Making Your Dream a Reality" can be accomplish by anyone willing to making a life change. Dana learned that struggles and obstacles gave her a sense of purpose that molded her into a direction in politics, business, authorship, and public speaking. Knowing you was born for a purpose is the being to "Making Your Dream a Reality". Dana's journey to inspire others has lead to "Making Your Dream a Reality" which she wants to share it with others, want to share it with you! "Making Your Dream a Reality".
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