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Hi, my name is Topher Hummel and my family took me on a family road trip. we also did home school in Bob (the RVs name. I love fishing, hunting, and catching animals. I live half the year in the Florida Keys and the other half in Maryland. In Florida, I snorkel for lobsters, go stone claw crabbing, spear fishing, and play int he southern most hockey league in the US/ Florida Keys. One of my favorite things is going to Looe Key to snorkel the reef. There I see sea turtles, reef sharks, giant spotted rays, huge barracudas, and swam with a family of dolphins. When Im in Maryland, I go hunting, fishing, exploring, climb trees, and have bond fires. I also like to ride my horse named Calvin. I love to garden, f=growing everything from tomatoes, an 80lb water melon that still wasn't ripe, sun flowers, beats, and peppers. Last year I made over $300 selling my tomatoes to restaurants. My life is pretty fun and now I want to share one of my best adventures (because my Mom and Dad made me write this.)
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