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As a child, drawing was my passion. Was brought up on a farm in Mulberry, Tennessee, which is still owned by my family. Was the ninth of ten children, and idolized my older brother, who could draw well. Would watch him for hours imitating him while drawing on anything ready at hand.
Started oil painting seriously in 1976. At the time I was living in Decatur, Alabama, where I was employed as Chief Technologist of the Electrocardiogram, Encephalogram, and Graded Exercise Testing department. Working days at the Decatur General Hospital and attending night classes at the University of Birmingham, Alabama left me little time to pursue my avocation and great love of art. However, as soon as I received my degree, enrolled for night classes in Art 1 and Art History at Calhoun Community College in Athens, Alabama. This is a small town close to Decatur, Alabama. I attended Calhoun from 1977 through 1979. Also joined the Decatur Art Guild and displayed my work in various community centers during 1977 and 1979.
In 1981 I resigned as a Registered Cardiology Technologist and moved to Alexandria, Virginia, and accompanied my husband on his job-related travels. While on these trips, as my husband would leave for work, I would set up a portable easel and paint on location or in the motel room. Included with all my painting and drawing supplies was a 35mm camera. On the days that my paintings were too wet to work on, would go scouting for subjects for later work with my camera and a drawing pad. Have a variety of realistic oil paintings, which were completed, while traveling throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, Thailand, and the Middle East. All of these paintings were oil on canvas.
From 1982 through 1984 I studied with Danni Dawson in figure and portrait drawing in oils and pastel, at The Art League School in Alexandria, Virginia. From 1984 until 1988 I took further classes in Landscape and Still Life in oils, from Diane Tesler, also at The Art League.
In 1995, I started classes in Oriental brush paintings with Henry Wo. This art is on rice paper and the medium is mineral and ink. I was interested in this style of art because of my martial arts/Tai Chi’ training. The Chinese believed that to be a well rounded person one had to have experience in the following: martial arts, painting, medicine, poetry, and music. Have the ranking of 3rd degree black belt in freestyle karate, have been painting for over 30 years, worked in the hospital for many years, play the violin, but so far no poetry. That will be next on my list of things to do.
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