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I am the fourth child in my family, I have two brothers and one sister, and I am the baby girl. I was born at the Cook County Hospital in 1955.

I like to take you back for a moment…It all started when my mother was declared to had been a cesarean section patient. Being a C-Section patient in the 50’s and even earlier women weren’t allow to have more then two or three children at the most due to the risk and the safety of the mother and child. The meaning of a cesarean delivery is when a mother could not deliver her child naturally; therefore, it took a Surgeon to bring the child into the world.

When my mother had her third child which was my brother, the hospital informed her about the risk she would undergo, if she would to conceive and or deliver another child; so mother agreed to have all of her reproduction organs removed.

Here’s where the blessing of God took place. I cannot tell you what had happen, whether the Surgeon and all who were in the operating room went to sleep or God in His supereminence power saw it was appropriate for me to be born, with such distinction. However or whatever took place I am here today to say “Thank you Father God in Jesus name”.

I am sure many of you may say to your self “could this happen”, “is it possible for this to have taking place in a prominent hospital such as the County Hospital”, but I assure you, it happen and I am not disappointed. I am so grateful to God for allowing me to be born. I have been blessed with three children of my own, and God is still on the throne of my life. Amen!
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