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The mission of the Full Spectrum Center For Spiritual Awakening is to provide a center to support individuals and groups seeking spiritual life, by following the teachings and practices of Sandra Barnard; to sponsor and provide religious activities and related educational and cultural functions.

Although the teachings and practices of the Full Spectrum Center are grounded in spiritual understandings found in Hinduism, specifically Advaita Vedanta (non-dualism), Kashmir Shaivism, and the Bhakti tradition, and to a lesser degree are rooted in a variety of other spiritual systems, both Eastern and Western, the emphasis is on experiencing that which is Universal. The Full Spectrum Center's central focus is on what the great spiritual masters down through the ages have declared is the most profound purpose of human existence, to realize our Divine Oneness. Therefore, the core teachings of the Center stress the pursuit of Yoga--i.e., seeking Union or Oneness with God. For this reason, people of all religious persuasions are welcome at the Full Spectrum Center. Participants attend the Center as a means of incorporating into their lives Sandra Barnard's spiritual teachings and as a way to pursue, along with other like-minded seekers, a variety of spiritual practices (meditation, chanting, mantra repetition, selfless service, etc.), not only to help them to live more fully and joyfully in the world, but also to support their spiritual unfolding. Ultimately, they are given opportunities to have a direct experience of who they truly are: the Divine Self.
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