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I grew up in an extremely religious background and was taught to be very modest in the public eye. For years, the concept of being nude was drilled into my mind that it was sinful and sexual. For this reason, I never fully understood what naturism was all about until I experienced it for my self first hand. My first experience being nude was at San Onofre State Beach in the summer of 2008. I remember the insecurities I first experienced as I slowly took off my shirt, followed by my pants and panties. Once fully exposed the first time to the general public, I felt shy and timid; within hours, my shyness turned to satisfaction and a weight of troubles was lifted from my shoulders...I'm not talking about the weight of clothing either. My soul was free!

I met several types of people at the nude beach and found them to be most welcoming and excepting. While communicating with one another, I learned that their were no social status's linked to the nude beach as fashion, money, gender and age become irrelevant to the natural freedom we were all experiencing. For once in my entire lifetime, I did not feel the fear of being judged for my appearance; people actually made eye contact with me when they spoke to me. Of course, there are always the random occasions when the eyes would stray for a split second, but that is our human nature of curiosity.

During this new experience in my life, San Onofre SB had just started its first phase of the legality issues in which we are currently battling with the threat to lose the clothing optional status. After first experiencing this wonderful freedom, I was devastated to think that I would lose all of the pleasant feelings I succumbed being naked and free. These feelings were overwhelming as I had finally found myself and my place in this world where I was happy with who I am and what I look like, while being comfortable in my own skin.

Throughout the years, the legality and reality of losing the clothing optional status grew worse and the Cahill policy was revoked. It was then that I knew I had to do something. Not knowing exactly what I could do to make a difference, being a minority, it dawned on me that I the best thing I could do is to research all of the events of naturism associated with California nudity and educate everyone so we all have a clear understanding on this freedom we experience and perhaps play a role in areas we can be of service. I also realize we need to show those opposed to the concept of nudity that it really is not all about sex nor is it such a sin to expose yourself and be naked as long as the intentions are good.

In a sense this second nature of mine started a secondary family of relatives pertaining to those who relate to my feelings and experience in naturism. This is why I also find it important to develop relationships with fellow nudists and hear what they have to say, hence came the birth of Deja Nude for all to be heard. I strongly feel that without hearing the voice of another human being who cares about the cause, our society will eventually diminish into nothing more than a large population of introverts with no hope.
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Nude For The Thought
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