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I, was born to the wonderful parent's (Mom) Sylvia, Nichols, and (Dad) Alan R. Graham. I, was born on April 16th, 1984 in Bremerton, Washington. At, a young age we had moved to California. My Dad, was in th United States Navy. At that time my parent's had Divorced. My, Mom then met my Step-Father (Dad) Maceo, Nichols. At the Age of 4 he has been in my life until this very day! I, grew up in a Church/God Loving/Christian, home.. I, remember having a hard time dealing with everything so, I then became very rebilion, and Dis-obedient.. I, did not want to listen to anyone. I,wanted to do what I wanted. Back in 1996 My (Dad) Maceo, also A Navy Man (Now Retired) had gotten Transfered to Bethesda Naval Medical Center. Ever, since we have lived in the DMV. Amen! While here in the DMV area I, have been to many Schools including, N.C.A., 2 Job Corps, & IDEA DCPCS. While, In N.C.A. (Fort Washington, MD) I, continued to learn about God and High School Studies. In Job Corps, I started to learn How to become an Execuitive Chef. By the age of 18 I had beome an Execuitive Chef until I was 26 Years Old. And at IDEA DCPCS, I Learned Self Discipline Thanks to the special staff there I became a better person. Leading up to the year of 2004 I met A young lady named Charlene, Bee who happened to give me my first kid "Francis, "Frankie" Hungerford, who was born on September30, 2005. I thank God that until this day God has Blessed me with him and my family. I, have come along way's in life, a continue now what I have to do to spread the Word of God.


On, May 29, 2010 at about 10:10 P.M. My, Ex-Girldfriend, and I were on a back road (Bryan PointRoad) in Accokeek, P.G. County Maryland. May 29th is Memorial Day Weekend. So, the roads were clear that day. Anyway's, we had left the park from back in the wood's. And we were on our way back to my house. Well, she wa doing 50 in a 20 M.P.H. turn and she had slammed on her breaks and the Mazda 3 that was her's we were in had locked up. So, we had no control over the car. The car slid. We, went unto the embankment and hit a telephone pole waist high where the telephone pole was the broken and had fallen. The, car had then turned, and flipped twice. The car had smashed my arm up completely to where I shattered from my shoulder to my elbow, my elbow to the top part of my wrist was broken, and the Top part of my Wrist down was shattered. The, Tenant's, Artiries, nd Nerves were all Shattered and the musels in my wrist were torn, and puulled out. The car dragged me about 10 feet before stopping. Once, we had stopped tried to get up and I could't that is when I realized that my arm was still under the car. I had to releae my arm some how. Thank God, I had enough strength in my body to rock her car and release my arm. Once relased I struggled to stand. Once, I stood up in the car I had then told My Ex that I needed to climb over her and get out of the car. I, then did just that and got out. Thank God. Once out of the car I started to walk around looking for help. As I walked behind the car a car pulled up and stoped. As, i proceeded to walk to the car a voice then came from behind asking if Everyone, was ok, did we need help, and is the anyone is the car. I, then told the man No i'm not ok yes we need help, and yes my Ex is in the car still. But as she was not hurt only I was hurt. He, had then went to his shack in the woods to call for help The Follwing Came to help:

Accokeek Vol. FIRE/EMS

Bryan's Road Vol. FIRE/EMS

Fort Washington FIRE/EMS

P.G. County Police

State Police

State Police Med Vac Unit

(Thank's to all who came to help)

They, Flew me to Shock Trauma in Baltimore, Maryland where Surgion/Dr. Englesader and huis team of experts were waiting for me to arrive. Once, at Shock Trauma I then went into a coma for 5 day's, wakeing up on June 2, 2010. I, have been thru 14 surgery's over 40 hour's of work on my arm. And 3 week's to learn how to walk again. They amputated from mid-way of my forearm down due to gain green. they amputated on July 7, 2010, and closed up my arm July 9, 2010. And releaseing me to go home July 11, 2010. Amen!

After, that I realized that God had a purpose for me. I, got into music as an Artist formerly known as "Killa", now doing nothing but Gospel Rap/R&B I go by the name of "Demon Slayer".
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