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this is the first book that I wrote and it is about my life, my struggles in finding love, fighting back homelessness, going for my dreams and never giveing up hope even as I am partly blind and not easy finding work that will keep me on the job. I talk about my first internship. Dont Count Me Out Yet is a intro to my life not only to single ladies but also to those who are going through, my message is simple giveing up is not an option and every one have a story to share. I am a songwriter and a poet and a TV and radio show host my show was on and will be back on soon the show the big d zone l be the show again. I was born in Newark NJ in 1973 but no one ever say I want to be homeless and loney forver. I was a feature extra in the movie special needs the movie. worked as a disney college program intern it have been booth good and bad as you will soon read. never ever give up on life you can do this thing called life.
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