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Hello My name is Destane` Queen Lozada and I am a young poet. I love to make poetry it makes me feel better its like expressing my deepest feeling. I have actually been writing poetry since I was 8. My first poem was made in school and my teacher loved it. Then she hung a large copy of it in the classroom and it made me happy. Then maybe a year later my uncle read it an he loved it too so I made him his own and he hung it in his office and that made me want to write more. Then nine months later I entered into a contest and won I was so exited. Then for some reason I stopped poetry for maybe a year and a half and when I came back to it I came back with stronger love for it, and I would make poems day and night so I entered into another contest a bigger one an made it to the semi finals. Now I am much older and I make poems so quickly because when I make them I feel the words and love them. Now I want to share this experience with other people.
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Petals of Poetry
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