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At this point many artists are wowing you with their credentials and awards they have received. I’ve received many awards but none that would seem extraordinary, over the top or impress you in the least. I was however expecting my work to speak for itself and hope you find some pleasure in the images and designs. I’m fascinated with the unexplained and tend to gravitate towards the mysterious and objective. I have loved art since Kindergarten and would always create the family event posters and draw pictures for others as presents. I’ve had many jobs from credit card companies to waiting tables and in all my jobs I’ve sought out the graphic design functions such as designing awards, creating flyers, letters, logos and websites. A few years ago my co-workers talked me into going back to school for a Graphic Design degree and I plan on graduating this June with a Bachelor’s degree. In hopes of gaining experience so I can enter the ‘real world’ of creation I’ve taken..
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