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Hi my name is Dylan Berndt, a sixteen year old young man from Chicago Illinois. I have always been into reading, since first grade I have been reading books much like Harry Potter. When I hit my freshman year of high school I had a nightmare involving zombies. Despite how scared I was when I woke, I was also excited. I saw a story revolving around the dream. The next day my friends Hayley, Stephanie, and I began to discuss what would be our book.

The characters are based off of ourselves. Jinx, being Stephanie's character, is a serious but open minded girl. She doesn't tolerate nonsense except in her friend's case.

Hailee, Hayley's character, is a childish young girl. She is always doing what she wants and is always getting into trouble.

Dylan is based off of myself and is the main protagonist. I know it seems ridiculous but my friends agreed that I would be the best for the story. The character is a lover of life. He is carefree and loves his family, the people he travels with. He is a master in taekwondo and also an excelled gymnast. Of course when life is threatened he can be cranky.

If you want to know more please read the book.
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