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Founded in late 1998 by recognized author/discoverer a duly honoured by IBC and Marquis Who's Who in the WORLD. Allan Gonzaga Carreon.

For the very first time in Human history, we the entity (UiG EarthCalls Insurance Services) Discovered the way to Interact with our Environment Mother Nature or Living Breathing and Alive EARTH. Like a HUMAN BEING.

In this discovery was the conclusive of series of expert analysis thru scientific means and activity interactions. His greatest discovery was the work of Brilliant analysis and paranormal breakthruogh had led him to conceptualize the idea that finally humans can communicate with Mother EARTH or Planet EARTH as we know it now.

Universal international Global BROADCASTING SERVICES

Proud World Leader and the Only Expert in (Interactive/Paranoral) Mother EARTH and the UNIVERSE for World-Wide Broadcasting Services in Weather Modification and Stopping and Preventions of all Natural Disasters (Future or Current) with 98% Success...
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Not Milk
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Dr. Robert Cohen
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research book and discoveries
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rock variety

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