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My name is Angela Wills and I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis on November 29, 2010 at the age of 26. I am a mother and a wife and only 2 months before the diagnosis I became a homeowner.

I find it hard sometimes to get all of my feelings out. So I decided I was going to start writing poems to help me cope. My initial goal was to use this as just a coping mechanism, however that ended up prospering. It soon turned into a way that I could leave my mark and my feelings behind for my son in case this disease takes me before my time.

One thing a diagnosis of MS has done to me is given me a fear for the future. I worry about my son and about the time I have with him. I also worry if he is going to inherit this monster.

I hope the words and emotions in my poetry can provide my son with some warmth and comfort later in life. I am also hopeful that maybe my words can help fellow MS sufferers or their families and friends to understand it better.
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