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This cookbook is made from Love and Joy by Elizabeth Ortiz. She loves cooking and baking and trying new things. She is 21 years old. She was born in Corona Queens and went to elementary school in P.S 14. She then went to middle school in Louis Armstrong 227, and High School in Newtown, Elmhurst. She then attended college in York, Jamaica but then after a year transferred to Queens College, which she is expected to graduate in 2011 which a Psychology and elementary education bachelors degree .She has a wonderful family and boyfriend. She enjoys doing anything and everything as long as she is with the people she loves. She has been interested in making exciting desserts and meals since she was very small and she enjoys making desserts especially for her family, because they will eat anything and everything. She enjoys personalizing her gifts because it shows a lot of her love and effort that she put into it. Her favorite quote is from the bible Corithians "Faith hope and love but the greatest of all is Love" "God is Love".
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