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I am Emily May. A simple 19 year old trying to bring her dreams to life using a pen and paper.

Born and raised in Australia. I found my passion for the written word at the age of 9. It all started with a Koala and his Lizard friend. My fourth grade class loved it. I do not remember much of that story, other then the fact I named all my characters after Harry Potter characters and all of them were animals found in the outback.

I am extremely fond of my family and the close group of friends I have. They have helped me, motivated me and inspired me in ways they could never fully understand. I am grateful for every single soul in my life, for they have aided in my self discovery. Without these few people, I would not be the person nor the writer that I am today.

I may be young, but my soul has aged beyond my years. I do not see the world through the eyes of a teenager, I see the world through the eyes of every character, both imaginative and literal, who have entered my life.
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
The Great Gatsby, One Day
Favorite Book Genre
Fantasy, Romance
Favorite Band or Artist
Panic at the Disco
Favorite Movie
Nightmare Before Christmas

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Black Roses
Black Roses
by Emily May

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