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Estee,an award winning artist, brings her art to life in many mediums. Her work includes, portraits, murals, decorative painting, glass painting. and much more. Estee's portraits can be done in your choice of charcoal, colored pencils, graphite or pastel. Her work captures the very essence and beauty of her subjects. Her passion for painting led her to the world of decorative arts, where paint is not limited to the canvas alone, but can be applied to any surface. View her gallery to see her painted glass, wood, walls and more. Her sense of adventure and style can transform the ordinary to the extraordinary. Estee also paints wall murals,which focuses mainly on the French style Trompe L'oeil, an art technique involving extremely realistic imagery that creates the optical illusion of a three dimensional panorama. Estee's broad range of skill and ability offer you unparalleled options that bring the beauty of art directly to you in the format of your choice. Call now for a consultation and see how beautiful your world can be!
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