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Esther Harvey hails from Lexington, Ky. Where the grass is blue and the food is fried. Esther is known by many as "the Goddess" and really that's how it should be.

She was so very blessed at the age of 18 to wake up each day seeing Sarah standing in her doorway. This is where she needs to to stop talking about herself and talk to Dave directly. Dave, any day with Sarah in your doorway will be a special, magical, and loving day full of fun and adventure. Cherish her and every day with her.

Sarah, a. k. a. "Pelican Head", Esther LOVES you so much it is hard to express on the back of a book in the third person. Just know, she loves you more than all the Ben and Jerry's in the world - and that's a lot.

LOVE, the Goddess
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