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As a child, Erica always loved photographs. They froze time for memories yet to come. They would still intrigue her years later as she looked at the photos she took throughout her life.

From vacations as a child with her family to a grown adult with still a camera in her hand, she looks through the view finder and still enjoys seeing life through photography.

Training as a computer technician and a passion for photography and graphic arts has only added to her love and enjoyment of photography. In fact, Erica believes these learning skills have only helped her with her along the way.

Even with no formal training as a photographer, Erica still teachers herself the art of photography by reading textbooks, store bought books, trail & error, and working with other great photographers to learn as much as she can. A true passion to her, photography has taught her more about life, patience, and beauty than anything.

In her own words Erica states

"The beauty of our world is right there in front of us. I just like to stop, photograph it and share it. This is the world as I see it. No matter where you look, beauty is all around. Take time to enjoy it while we have it"
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