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The book "Innocent Bystander: The Witnessing of Relationship Trauma" is based on a true story between my older sister and her "boyfriend." They had been together for one year and almost four months. The name of the book represents my character in the way that I was there to see and hear everything that had ever happened through out their relationship. I thought that people needed to know what a bad relationship was when they saw one or were in one. So watch out! I'm hoping that this book will teach some a lesson about relationships and give a better judgement of character to some. Oh, if only my sister had better judgement. I remember how everyone thought that he would be her first reall boyfriend and that everything would be perfect and yet, straight from the "get go," I had known that it was the worst! And i wasn't the only one who knew, many had warned her and she didn't listen. But all I said was, "You'll see what I mean when the time comes." And the time had came and she hadnt realized it. He had cheated and lied and was disrespectful to our family leaving messages that were profound and all of the above. I was furious along with my mother. Soon the whole High School hated him along with the town of Ravena and Coeymans. He was a laughing stalk! And now that I'm able to put it all into words, I can share with the world how he has mentally abused my sister and screwed with our families lives.
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Stephenie Meyer
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Schubert, Chopin, Yiruma
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Dont mess unless u wanna get cut bon qui qui style

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