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About Me
Name: Firefly

Age: 13

Favorite Color: Neon Green

Saying 'I'm Firefly' doesn't feel right. Neither does 'Hey, I'm Firefly.' So I'll just say this: 'I'm Firefly and I'm blind.' When I was 11 a tank firework blasted off-course and cannonbald into my right eye. That eye is glazed blue, and there is no sight in it.

I like catching fireflies. They are beautiful, looked-over creatures. A jar of them was the only thing i the hospital I had. Ever since, I've had an obbsession.

Also, I direct. Yeah, it seems weird. But I direct music videos for songs that already exist. People say I'm good... that's what I want to be when I grow up. A music video director.

Smile, please :) Your life is a story, about to unfold. Smiling makes that story 100% better.

Love, Firefly :)
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
Hunger Games
Favorite Writer
Suzanne Collins
Favorite Book Genre
Scary, Stuff Without Obvious Ends, Romance ;)
Favorite Band or Artist
LMFAO, Katy Perry, Green Day, Taylor Swift
Favorite Music Genre
Anything except blues, jazz, rap, and loud stuff
Favorite Movie
Do Music Videos Count? 'Cause I Have Too Many :)
Personal Quote
"Everyday I'm Shufflin" "Sorry For Party Rockin"

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