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Saying 'Hi, I'm Firefly' doesn't feel right. So how abooout, 'Hi, I'm Firefly, and guess what? I'm blind!' When I was 11 a firework cannonballed into my right eye. Now it's glazed blue and I can't see out of it.

I love fireflies. Well, maybe because my name is Firefly might help this cause, but also because when I was in the hosptial, there was a jar of fireflies sitting on the table next to me. I loved that jar, and I still kinda do. I <3 fireflies! :)

When I grow up, I want to be a music video director. That's the only thing I'm really good at is directing music videos. I have a HUGE amount of video editing software on my computer (I'm suprised my computer isn't smoking yet.) and I love it when my actors (my friends) see the final cut because, well, I make some pretty good music videos. :D

Smile becuase your life is a story, folding out before you. And one simple smile can make that story 100% happier.

Love, Firefly
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
Hunger Games
Favorite Writer
Suzanne Collins
Favorite Book Genre
Scary, Stuff Without Obvious Ends, Romance ;)
Favorite Band or Artist
LMFAO, Katy Perry, Green Day, Taylor Swift
Favorite Music Genre
Anything except blues, jazz, rap, and loud stuff
Favorite Movie
Do Music Videos Count? 'Cause I Have Too Many :)
Personal Quote
"Everyday I'm Shufflin" "Sorry For Party Rockin"

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