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IT all started when Becky and Victoria took a trip to Italy! They found themselves joking around on the plane of an eight hour flight creating this story of Fido. He was hidden inside Becky,s bag! We decided to take photos of Fido taking the trip with us and it turned out to be the story of a lifetime. It is a storybook that will drag you through some of the most beautiful parts of Italy and the content of it is spiritual, fun and gripping to see what happens next! The two authors Victoria Hall and Becky Burnside are best friends showing their friendship and encounters so that children will see how great friendship is and should be cherished. And to be honest it started as a joke not really knowing that one day we would be able to share this with children so they can see life through our eyes. And see their faces light up with anticipation to see what happens next!
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Walt Disney
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INXS, Michael Hutchison
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Michael Angelo
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Don't quit 5 before the miracle Happens!!!!!!!!!!!

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