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First and foremost, I give God the credit for giving me the opportunity to write this and pass it on to the kids. Next, I would love to give honor to my parents and siblings without which I would not be the woman I am now at the age of 53. I am so blessed to have been born into the MEPAIYEDA family. My parents instilled in me the value system I now have and hopefully I have imparted some of it to the four beautiful kids God has blessed me with. BOLA, JOYCEE, TONY and SOLA, I would not trade any of you for anything. You are all so beautiful and wonderfully made, each unique, different and independent in their own special way. God is truly amazing. For a young girl who set out in life never intending to get married, I realize after the fact that my life will not be the same or fulfilled if I had not married and be blessed by God with the gifts of the children that came from the marriage. Each one of you have left a mark in my heart and a perpetual smile that I will always cherish. My one prayer for all of you is to remain steadfast with your walk with GOD Always put him first, your family next and stay faithful and committed to your loved ones. Remember always when you put GOD first and foremost, everything else falls in place. Respect for others should be a platform that you all base your walk on. Always let your YES be yes and your NO’s be no. I love you all dearly and I trust you will all continue on with this tradition. Be blessed MAMA 2011
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