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Frank M(artinez) studied music composition with Louis Andriessen at the Royal Conservatory of Music in the Netherlands. He also studied the guitar in a Segovia masterclass in 1973 and went on to receive his Masters degree from USC. He has performed extensively over the last thirty-five years and has written works for guitar, exotic instruments, orchestra, and smaller ensembles. He is a multi-instrumentalist and is interested in the music from many world cultures. He collects various “exotic” musical instruments.
However, Frank’s focus has also been in poetry, the visual arts, and education. He has created hundreds of sculptures and two-dimensional art, and has been represented in several galleries and collections. His poetry has been published in several literary journals and separate chapbooks of poems have also appeared in print.
Despite his eclectic approach to the arts his strongest influences are nature and children. He is dedicated to teaching music and the arts to young people and believes that art should be spontaneous, open, and affirm life. These are the primary ingredients which imbue children with their childlikeness.
Concerning his sculpture in stone and wood he has written, “My sculptures are abstracted symbols of the inexplicable which exists in all things, tangible forms from invisible thoughts, where stones can float and deadwood walk.” His music and poetry also attempt to express these deeper levels of thought and feeling concerning the “inexplicable.”
Frank was born in New Orleans and after living in upstate New York is settled back in Los Angeles. His daughter Kara and wife Kathleen, who are also involved in the creative arts, continue to encourage and inspire his work.
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