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I myself have been consumed by the attraction and addiction that body modification has created. With eleven piercings and a tattoo…still counting you can see that I therefore have a brief respect and understanding of the frequently changing and improvement of the body modification industry. My experience of it was self induced; I was fascinated by the idea of purposefully putting holes in myself and creating beautiful art on someone’s body. You could say curiosity is the reason I look the way I do as I am still of a very young age. I remember sitting in my room with my best mate. A lighter in one hand in the attempt to sterilize the earring, next thing I know I have two new piercings. After that it was more of an adrenaline a weird appeal to the pain it inflicted. I kept wanting more and more. Most of the piercings I now have I merely did for the sake of it, I have grown to love them and they make me who I am. Although self piercing isn’t the best of ideas I wouldn’t recommend you try it at home!
In my case my piercings are my way of expressing myself, I like the thrill I get when people look at me and see them. It makes me proud, not only that but of my multiple hair colours and the makeup I wear, it’s who I am and it’s my way of self expressing. Unfortunately there is an age limit on some Modifications that can be made to the body. For instance I have a tattoo although it is illegal for I am under 18 and did not have parents consent, I do not regret it but I do realise the consequences and reality of getting a tattoo at fourteen. It will stretch, fade, and put me in an awkward situation with school, jobs, and the person who did my tattoo. The ink I now have permanently on my body scares me, the reason for this is when I was laying on the bed getting it done it hurt, but it was a sort of enjoyable pain, as soon as I got it done I fell in love with it, I was hooked right there on the spot I was already planning another one baring in mind I literally only had it done. Luckily I had no more money but my mate was hypnotized by the excitement and on impulse got one done to. Although she doesn’t regret it she does wish she got something else. Body modification is an addiction once you start you will keep craving more.
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