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The creation of this bencher was conceived and carried out by Shlomo’s proud and doting mother, Marilyn Gittleman DMD, in preparation for and celebration of Shlomo’s becoming a Bar Mitzvah. She would like to acknowledge the assistance and input of Aviva Gittleman, Rivky Gittleman, and Shevy Shurkin. This bencher is available for purchase by contacting us at The proceeds from the bencher will be used to support the Tikva children’s home. .

Tikva's core mission is to care for the homeless, abandoned and abused Jewish children of Odessa, Ukraine. Tikva provides them with a loving home, essential social services, a first-rate education in the environs of a revitalized Jewish community, and an opportunity for a brighter future through immigration to Israel. More information about Tikva, its programs, and opportunities for direct donation are available at
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