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Dr. Gianni DiVincenti-Hayes has been writing professionally for over 25 years, having earned her Ph.D Summa cum Laude in English, writing and world/comparative literature from the University of Maryland College Park, with a concentration in the humanities (religion, history, politics, philosophy, African-American literature, and art). Both her masters were earned at Duquesne University, also with high honor in scientific research, and educational administration/technology. Her bachelor’s degree was granted from Villa Maria/Gannon University in biology/chemistry, where she was honored with The Distinguished Alumni Award. Additionally, she attended the University of Pittsburgh for two years in communications where she earned The Letter of Highest Commendation, and has been endowed to the University of Rochester’s writing program for five summers, as well as to Middlebury College’s prestigious Bread Loaf Writing Program. She was also honored with The Hall of Fame Distinguished Alumni award by both her high school and undergraduate school alumni.

Hayes, who writers under several pen names, has over 100 articles and short stories published in major newspapers and national magazines such as Woman’s Day, Redbook, US, People, Brides, Parade, Writers Digest, and many others. She has appeared in nation-wide newspapers and magazines, and on dozens of national radio and television shows, including A & E Biography, and Pennsylvania Cable Network TV comprised of 145 stations state-wide, and nine million viewers. She speaks internationally on globalism, is a recipient of many tributes, a former college professor and department chair, and author of soon-to-be 19 novels and nonfiction books. One of her screenplays was optioned for a movie. She is a print and an online syndicated columnist for 24 newspapers. Too, she hosts a live radio show on on Wednesdays from 8:00-10:00pm EST, featuring noted authors, celebrities, politicians, and others, and is heard worldwide as well as on FM stations nationwide, various radio bands, on the internet, on short wave, satellite and podcasts. See

She was honored at her undergraduate college for Women’s History Month 2003 where she gave a campus presentation. Her doctoral school alma mater, The University of Maryland College Park, also honored her by setting up an archive of her papers, in her name, in the University Libraries. Her websites include, www.creative-services.bis,,,
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