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About Linda Scott
I am a complicated person, an artist, a singer, caregiver and now a storyteller. Most of my life I have quietly sat back listening and watching people. I have listened to many stories and I have seen many things, some not so nice. I am a very spiritual person and turn to God in all things prayer is the answer to every problem.
In the mind of a child anything can and does happen. So when I tell you one of the most important things you will ever do as a parent is, Read to your child, tell stories to a child inspirers their imagination, praise a child gives them pride, s hare with them antidotes of your childhood, and always put yourself in their little shoes.
I was a sick child and spent a lot of time in bed. The stories my grandmother read and told me about my ancestor’s stays with me today. I am proud of it; I come from a long line of Sea Captain’s. My own father was born at Sea.
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