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I'm Haley Lynn Evans, but you can call me DollFace ;). I'm a 7th grader at Ims, , and I'm single. So hit on me.! I enjoy the simple life, and sometimes the fast life. I'm a very straight up person, and can sometimes be a b!tch, but I'm proud to be my kind of girl. I love me a challenge, but I don't put up with bullcrap. I don't have time for catty drama.

Honesty is really important to me so I do speak my mind. If I dont like you I will tell you. I dont do it to be mean. I do it because i feel like not too many people are honest enough with each other and its not right to say something just because its what someone else wants to hear. I try not to be a jerk about it and if I see that I am I will apologize :) I like hearing what others have to say about things. It proves to open a great intelligent conversation.
I tend to get lost in this little dream world where everyone eats rainbows and craps butterflies. It makes me feel better and like a little kid again. My favorite emotion is love. Im a hopeless romantic and I fall for cute stuff easily. Its a problem and Im trying to fix it. I also dont have a lot of self confidence. I dont think Im the most amazing thing to walk the Earth but i dont think Im the ugliest person in the world either. I see myself as the girl nextdoor or the girl who sits behind you in Math, no more no less.
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Holly black
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Escape the fate
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No ones ever satisfied.

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