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Ryan David Dwyer, better known by his music moniker Harpazio, is a composer, instrumentalist and digital music specialist.

Hailing from Reno, NV, Harpazio began composing musical and lyrical songs at just 10 years old. By 14, he was learning hot to play the piano at Music Man Music Studio in Wilsonville, OR. It was there that he was inspired to write his own music after being confronted with his constant rbellion of note reading. When he turned 19, he went through a paradigm shift and ursuied a new direction in music.

After moving to El Paso, TX, after graduating high school, his love for the piano was reignited, eventually leading him to seriously pursue the business of music.

Today, Harpazio mainly produces new edge alternative rock with a unique strategy to success.

"I've transformed my upbeat contemporary lyrical songs into instrumental pieces," he said. "I've created a unique album evolution strategy that turns my music inside-out genre-wise."
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You Are The Phoenix
You Are The Phoenix
by Harpazio
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