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Veteran haunter, Scott Michael and his company, Hysteria City, have been creating
haunted house props and illusions since 1983. He has also created some of Las Vegas’
largest and most successful Halloween events since 2003.

Scott was raised by his single mother in Anaheim, California. As a 13 year old teenager
growing up in this area, it was only natural to want to see the local attractions.
During this period, his passion for skateboarding and going to the local theme parks, such
as Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm, started to skyrocket.
Scott often would journey from theme park to theme park on his skateboard on
the weekends looking for excitement and adventure.

One day he ended up at Knott’s Berry Farm during their first year haunt in 1976.
He was riding his board around Knott,s when he met one of the builders working in
a green army tent. He was helping with setting up a haunted forest for the season.
This is when Scott got inspired and his burning passion for haunting sparked.

Since those days Scott doesn’t ride a skateboard anymore, but he still creates some of
the largest and most terrifying haunted houses in Las Vegas and even as far as Portland,
Oregon. Along the way, Scott has learned how to extinguish the firey hoops of local and
national government regulations and standards with his proven haunted attraction
systems. He passed countless inspections and his attractions have safely scared
hundreds of thousands of guests.

Scott has now created this Haunt Bible for persons like yourself so that you may learn,
and hopefully benefit, from his personal haunt experiences.

The Haunt Bible is a guide that will help you through the process of creating and
operating a Halloween event legally, safely, and successfully in your specific market.
You will learn the proven process of creating and operating your own haunted
attraction from one of the leaders in the Halloween event game.
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