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One Day, after reading "Water for Elephants" by Sara Gruen, Heather Lynn went to her local libray and realized she couldn't find a good book to read. Quite the fustrating thing for someone really. So she went home, defeated, disappointed and she said to herself: "Well if I can't find a good book to read, I'll just have to write my own!" And that's exactly what she did. A few weeks later, the first draft of "Dead in a Ditch" was completed. Surprised by herself and her ability to complete a manuscript, she set out to make it worth reading.

After writing "Dead in a Ditch", she was so happy with how that it turned out, and had received such a positive response that she quickly began to write the sequel, "The Ordeal" shorly thereafter.

Good books, stories and the like, come from a place of imagination and heart. One of the interesting aspects of the Vivienne Taylor book series is that the Author uses real life experiences and characters and sprinkles them throughout her novels. As writer it is fun she says to base some of her characters off her real life friends and family. Not that any of them sometimes get a say in the matter.
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